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About Us
About Us
Every day we strive for relevancy in an evolving world to satisfy our customers in three main areas: artistry, culinary excellence, and value. As Trifles reaches its 15th year, we can say that we have done just that. Enjoy discovering flavors based on tradition as well as delightful, new combinations.

A view inside Trifles

For now, it is enough to say that the vast majority of people really like her cakes and trust her judgment when it comes to chocolate.

Gwen's unauthorized autobiography.

The Location
Our stores are located in a comparatively provincial setting, on an isthmus, across from a swamp. We never know who will walk in our door, and we like it that way. Our stores are located at 6585 Commerce Road, West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324. You can find a map of our location below.
Our Staff
We keep a permanent part-time staff of approximately 6 people. Trifles is always seeking talented, energetic people who enjoy working as a team to produce delicious & creative sweets and a light savory menu.

Trifles has a great network of artists, experts & colleagues who work with us to keep our infrastructure & product lines strong. You will find links to their websites here and throughout our site.

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