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Trifles' Chocolate
There are many chocolates under the sun. For every palate, there exists satisfying chocolate. While it is impossible to stock all brands of chocolate, it is likely we can locate one for you. When you first visit Trifles, we urge you to sample and explore your favorite flavors in chocolate. Below, you will find a partial list of our offerings. Trifles sells nostalgic American favorites as well as exotic and upscale versions of "the food of the Gods." Selections are available individually, in gift baskets, sweet trays, or in larger quantities for corporate events or wedding.

Calm the nerves and excite your senses. White confection with Pecans, Caramel, Michigan blueberries and a distinctive butterscotch flavor.

A simple and uncomplicated milk candy. Milk confection with Caramel, Marshmallows and refreshing orange flavor.

Savor the flavor without the side effects. A dream come true! Milk confection with Malted Milk chips and Irish Cream flavor.

Lumpy, bumpy, crunchy, full of fun, fun, fun. Semi-sweet confection with Michigan Dried Cherries, Pretzels, Peanuts Cookie Pieces and Caramel.

Do you think the road is full of nuts? Well this milk confection is too! Can you guess how many nuts are here? Milk confection with Cashews, Pecans, Toasted Almonds, Marshmallows and Hazelnut flavor.

Trifles response to the peanut butter cup. A rich candy, no doubt. Milk confection with Peanut Butter pieces, Marshmallows and Toffee.

Dangerously dark candy. Deceptively complex with an alluring texture. Semi-sweet confection with Almonds, Marshmallows and Cappuccino flavor.

Delight in the playfulness and warmth of this white candy. White confection with Michigan Dried Cherries, Cashews, Marshmallows and a warm Amaretto flavor.

The Road Candy Story

Curious about Road Candy? Well sit back and join us on a captivating ride through Motor City mayhem and suburban chic.

We all know what rocky road is, right? Well, Gwen thought it was time to embark on her own road trip fantasy through a vast culinary wasteland of candy bars, fruits and nuts.

With an eclectic culinary background and four children to raise, she decided to experiment late into the night with magical combinations of flavor and texture. To the delight of her family and friends, she created one winner after another.

First came the Michigan Road™, a rich semi-sweet confection with Michigan Dried Cherries. Next, the warm and playful Snowy Road® symbolizes the wondrous Michigan winters. In short order, the Irish Cream Dream®, Country Road®, Road to Riches®, Slick road®, Road Rage® , and Construction Blues™ emerged from her kitchen to complete a line of candy destined to win the hearts of Americans. The flavors are unlike anything you've tasted before. Secret recipes and methods are heavily guarded. You are invited to make the pilgrimage to White Lake, Michigan to sample these delightful confections, or you may buy them from your favorite specialty food store.

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